What are the pros and cons of living on a high floor VS low floor in Dubai?

Without any doubt, Dubai is a city that is home to the tallest residential buildings in the world. It is a city that welcomes thousands of individuals coming from all walks of life to find opportunities to grow and achieve success in their respective careers. With numerous people coming to Dubai, it provides affordable living options to expats and families, so they can enjoy the glamour of the city comfortably. There are many apartments and luxury villas for sale in Dubai that anyone can opt for with a minimum budget.  However, tenants and home buyers have to consider several factors before they start investing.

One major factor that tenants have to consider is what type of floor they should buy as most of the apartments in Dubai are high-rise. While it is true that both upper and lower floors have their own respective advantages and disadvantages, it depends on the buyers’ preference that helps them in narrowing down the choice of floor.

However, if you are in a dilemma where you are confused about which floor you should go with, here is a guide that will guide you in making the right decision.

Advantages of living on an upper floor

1)   Quiet and private

If you are the kind of individual who prefers serenity and privacy when it comes to residential areas, living on an upper floor in an apartment might be an ideal option for you. Noise pollution that includes the honking of the cars and the hustling of the city can not reach up in flats that are located at the top. As a result, space is more peaceful and private for homeowners.

2)   Striking views

Dubai is all about magical views. Infrastructures like Burj-ul-khalifa and the Dubai mall, which are included in one of the tallest buildings in the world can be seen from the many high-rise apartments in the vicinity of the main city. You can enjoy the fantastic skyline of Dubai from the comfort of your home if you choose to live on the upper floor of an apartment.

3)   Excellent ventilation

Floors located at the top allow the homeowners to bask in natural sunlight. Along with efficient air circulation, the oxygen-rich and pollution-free environment are incomparable in top floor apartments. All you have to do is pull your shades apart to nurture your body with the warm and pleasant sunlight of the glamorous Dubai.

4)   Lesser dust

Dust is one of the prevalent issues in Dubai. Many homeowners who live on lower floors complain about the accumulation of dust on the furniture and floors of the apartment. While this can vary depending on the region you live in, but you will not struggle with this problem much if you choose to live on an upper floor. The lack of dust makes these apartments look much cleaner and aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, if every-day cleaning is not possible for you, it is best to go with higher floors.

Advantages of Living on a Lower Floor

1)  Affordable

In Dubai, if you invest in a lower floor apartment, you will notice a decreased investing price as compared to floors that are on the top. Moreover, tenants also enjoy low air conditioning bills as the ceilings of these apartments are less exposed to the intensity of natural sunlight during the hot season. Therefore, if you are looking for an apartment on a tight budget, rent or buy a lower floor unit.

2)   Seamless shifting

When you are moving out of your old house to a new apartment, you might have furniture that you have to shift. It is a fact that it is much easier to move into a unit that is on the lower level as compared to a higher one. On the contrary, if you are investing in higher floors of high-rise buildings, it is a challenging job to get heavy furniture up there with limited help. So for people who do not want to go through the trouble, it is smart to invest on lower floors. You can check City Walk Apartments for sale for beautiful lower floor apartments.

Now that you know the advantages of both the options, living on a higher or lower floor, you can easily analyse which type of apartment floor will be ideal for you. You can check pl