Steve Sorensen Select Staffing – Wood Craft Tips for Beginners

Woodcraft is an art, and if you share a passion for it, you can create some fantastic pieces of art with intricate designs. However, if you are starting, you need to be informed and educated about the different types of wood available today and how to use them for your creative pieces.

Steve Sorensen Select Staffing – A woodworking expert, speaks

Steve Sorensen is an esteemed wooden staff craftsman who sells beautifully crafted wands and staff. He is a retired aircraft mechanic and a big-time fan of intense sci-fi fantasy. Steve Sorensen Select Staffing mostly does a diverse range of woodwork projects with various wood types for creating staff, canes, and other prop wands in his garage that he has converted into his workshop.

He is immensely passionate about his work, and he always takes the opportunity to improve his skills with every new project he undertakes. He loves to guide his children and grandkids when it comes to childhood passions and says that it is never too late to pursue childhood favorites later in life.

Besides woodworking, he takes pleasure in watching The Lord of The Rings movies in the same way as he did when he first received his copy of Tolkien’s Works from his grandfather several years ago. Besides old classics, he has started to read Harry Potter, and he loves watching the books’ cinematic adaptions. He is also fond of playing video games with his grandchildren and loves his wife Emma deeply, with whom he has one son and two daughters, and eight grandchildren from them.

Fruit peeling and wood carving – The connection between the two

Many people often discover their passion and love for woodcarving and woodwork after they have peeled off fruits. This feeling is the same as wood carving, and this is the sole reason why several new woodworkers have graduated from the art of fruit peeling to carving wood in reality. There is affordable and simple wood available for beginners to practice their skills, and they are ideal for any new woodworking project.

He says that pinewood is predominantly the top choice for new wood artisans. However, there are other softwood types that you can use for any beginner-level project, like white oak, poplar, knotty alder, soft maple, and more.

He adds when you use soft maple wood, they are great with machines, and you will get grooves that are light, soft, and clean. This wood is fantastic for furniture as well, as it is sturdy like walnut.

You can also use dyes with soft maple wood as they stick well to its surface. At the same time, poplar is affordable, soft, and light, and you can use them for any new project at a beginner level as well. If you intend to use paints, these wood types are perfect for you to use in your projects.

According to Steve Sorensen Select Staffing IKEA, the famous furniture brand, likes to use beech wood, and this is why their projects are strong, opaque, and cheap. White oak has a warm color and is tough and steady, mostly used for barrel making. Knotty alder has a unique rustic beauty around it and is preferred for cabinets and other decorative items in nature.


Steve Sorensen Select Staffing – Wood Craft Tips for Beginners
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