Sadigh Gallery Sheds Light On Traditional African Art And Artifacts

Traditional African art is extremely a striking in its presentation. A great surged has been witnessed in its popularity in the recent years, as several people are starting to re-discover the beauty of African art and artifacts. Several people visit establishments like Sadigh Gallery to explore distinctive objects that showcases the ancient cultural values of diverse African regions. This New-York based art gallery maintains a comprehensive selection of authentic cultural artifacts, antiquities, ancient coins, and jewelry. In addition to ancient African art and artifacts, at this art gallery one can also check out antiquities from Europe, Middle East and South America.

Sadigh Gallery underlines a few interesting characteristics of ancient African art and artifacts

Traditional African art forms largely include jewelry, cooking bowls, dolls, carvings, headdresses, sculptures, and masks. Some of their excellent examples can be seen at art galleries like Sadigh Gallery. Each and every antiquity in their collection is accompanied by a Lifetime Certificate of Authenticity and additional documentation and information regarding the individual artifact and its culture. Hence, by purchasing any of their African antiquities, people can get a further insight into the culture and traditions of that period.

Most of the traditional African objects were made out of wood, as timber was available in plenty in both West and Central Africa, and was used extensively in day-to-day life. On the whole, traditional African art is much more practical than ornamental. This simply means that such objects largely served a practical purpose, rather than being used just as a decoration. Moreover, these arts were a reflection of the beliefs, workmanship, and status of the people. For example, certain masks used to be worn as a part of a rite of passage by a young boy entering his adulthood. Masks of an ancestor or a god were even worn during a war to derive courage from it. Even the bowls used for cooking were artistically made and had some social or cultural value. A variety of interesting artifacts can be found at establishments like Sadigh Gallery, which people can check out to get a better idea on how they showcased the cultural values of that period.

African artworks usually favored visual abstraction more than naturalistic representation. No matter the medium, one can find that African artworks represent objects or ideas rather than depict them. There of course are various exceptions to this trend as well, one of the most notable ones being the portrait heads of the Yoruba city of Ile-Ife. Several of the traditional African artists also used to prefer three-dimensional artworks over two-dimensional ones.  Several of the ancient paintings or cloth works were is meant to be experienced in a three-dimensional manner.  Many of such ancient decorated clothes were meant to be worn as decorative or ceremonial garments, thereby transforming the wearer into a living sculpture. A number of old African artwork depicts the relationships between people and the unseen forces as well, and has deep connotations attached to it.

Sadigh Gallery Sheds Light On Traditional African Art And Artifacts

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