Mack Prioleau – Top Reasons to Start Playing Football in College

Sports have a positive impact on the quality of life of every individual. In school and college, students should inculcate the habit of sports so that they can stay fit and active their whole life. In the world of technology and smartphones, students and even small kids are spending time in front of their computers and phones most of the time. They hardly want to go out and play. Parents should encourage their kids to go outside and engage in some sort of a sport to boost mental and physical health.

Mack Prioleau – Playing football in college

Mack Prioleau is from Dallas in Texas, and he is fond of college football. He says that students and kids should get into a sport like football as it helps them boost team spirit, discipline, and physical activity. Playing football is a great stress buster, and the best part is it is a team game that you are bound to enjoy with your friends.

Football is simple for you to play anywhere

Schools and colleges have football fields or grounds for you to practice; however, you can actually hone your skills anywhere, even if you are at home. You just need a football and a group to play with.

Stay ahead in practice and competition

When you start to play college football, you stay ahead in both practice and competition. You learn the values of discipline and social skills that you often take with you later in life. There is evidence that those that practice school and college sports regularly are unlikely to develop bad habits and fall into the addiction of smoking and drinking early in life.

You get your own community

The moment you get into college football, you embrace your own community- your team. You learn the skills of togetherness and team spirit. Football is not a one-man’s show. It takes the whole team to win or lose together. You develop a deep sense of trust and camaraderie with your team-mates. You celebrate losses and victories together.

Develop incredible bonds for life

Besides the above, you are able to create and develop friendships for life. This is not because you all spend so much time playing together, but you all join hands towards a mutual goal, and this stays with everyone for a long time.

Creating a positive balance with academics

Playing sports at the college and school levels helps you to create a positive balance with academics. The same holds true for college football as well. Time commitment and management skills are developed early in life as you devote your attention equally to both.

Mack Prioleau sums up by saying college football is fun and entertaining. Moreover, if you harness dreams of becoming a professional footballer someday, college is surely the best place for you to begin. All you need is the right coaching, practice, and dedication to hone your playing skills. In this way, you can become good at your skills and compete at the professional levels with success!

Mack Prioleau – Top Reasons to Start Playing Football in College

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