How to use reverse Image search

Reverse image search is a technique that allows the user to use a sample image to perform a Google search from it and obtain results based on its content such as colors, shapes, textures and the image’s own metadata.

In general, the use of Yandex reverse image search can be very useful to avoid copyright infringement, avoid using images out of context to misinform in crisis situations, something that has been seen during the COVID-19 crisis and that has forced to the main social platforms to take action in this regard.

How does reverse Google search work?

On Google, this technique is very easy to use. The user must go to or access the “Images” tab on any Google results page and click on the icon in the form of a photo camera that appears in the search bar, such and as seen in the following image:


Reverse search on Android

The Chrome app has an option for reverse image. When the user finds a photograph, they must click on it until the drop-down menu appears, where they must select the option “Search this image on Google”. Doing so will bring up all the results related to the image, just like in the desktop browser version.


If the image is stored in the terminal, just go to com from the Chrome app, select the “Computer version” option that appears in the app menu and carry out the process in the same way as on a computer, either by loading the image or pasting the URL:


Reverse search on iPhone

For those users who use Chrome on iOS, the process is the same as for Android.

What if no results appear? Sometimes a reverse search will not return results. It may be because the page on which the image is hosted prohibits indexing of the images or that the image servers and databases have not been properly synchronized.


Best Alternative for Reverse Search Google

Yandex image search is the best alternative to google for finding the images for you. When it comes to image searches from your mobile, you must bear in mind, of course, two limitations: the PC website version will show you everything smaller (you will have to enlarge manually) and the option to drag the image to the box Search is designed for computers, so you will have to settle for pasting the URL or selecting the image that you have saved in your gallery.

The improvement in the search engine has already been launched in the mobile and desktop version and, in the coming weeks, it will reach the Google app for iOS and Android. As announced by Google, next year they will incorporate it into Google Maps and other products.



How to use reverse Image search

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