Brian Ferdinand, Business Expert: Who Can Book Corporate Housing?

Friends and family have been sharing details about their past stays in corporate housing units with you, and now, you’re curious. You’ve always been a hotel kind of gal or guy, but today, you’re wondering if corporate housing would be a better lodging option for your next trip, whether for business or for pleasure. According to business guru Brian Ferdinand in a recently released article, the answer is a resounding yes.Let’s take a look at what corporate housing is and who can benefit from using it in 2021 and beyond.

Professional Tenants

In the recent article, Brian Ferdinand, the managing partner of SoBeNY and its parent company, CorpHousing Group, explains that corporate housing units are fully furnished apartments that are hotel like in their amenities yet home like in the space and privacy they provide.

Many executives stay in these types of units when traveling to other cities to speak at conferences or oversee important corporate projects. Likewise, non-executives may stay in corporate housing while attending trainings, connecting with clients, and performing other critical work tasks in distant cities. These executive and non-executives may operate in a wide range of industries, including consulting, technology, the government/military, finance, and even insurance.

Other Corporate Housing Tenants

Although corporate housing units accommodate a large number of traveling workers, relocating executives actually comprise the majority of occupants of these units (more than 30% of occupants in both the United States and Canada). These individuals can easily stay in corporate housing units for several weeks or even months on end while testing out brand-new neighborhoods as they search for new homes or sell their current homes. What’s great about this is that it affords them the opportunity to find out ahead of time whether a certain neighborhood is truly a good one before they commit to it.

Still, corporate housing clientele is not limited to traveling or relocating professionals. This type of housing is also an in-demand accommodation option for individuals and families going on extended vacations to large cities. Likewise, students who are required to complete short residencies in other cities can stay in corporate housing.

Interns who plan to work for companies in other states for a few months at a time can also find corporate housing to be beneficial. Finally, if you are renovating your home, you can easily stay in a corporate housing unit nearby while your home is being worked on as well.


Brian Ferdinand, Business Expert: Who Can Book Corporate Housing?
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